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Fifa 14 Online Season is Available Now

EA’s highly anticipated sports competition masterpiece FIFA 14 lead free shelves this September in New Zealand region, recently, the first major update of the game came out, in the new version, players can and online players in a fierce rivalry Online Seasons. Since then, the interactive tour will overturn FIFA series of stand-alone hand Fifa 14 Coins For Sale football game concepts.

This update, in Online Seasons mode, players can build a strong team to participate in the game, with the operation and extraordinary sense of play to defeat other players online, you can get gold, items and gifts after the victory. In addition, this update on the game screen also been optimized. Game controls switching mode has also been simplified, modified control methods section touchscreen manipulation.

FIFA 14 just in time to join the on-line tailored for mobile devices gesture touch-screen operation, click, swipe and press, every kind of operation in the game can get visual expression, compared to the previous virtual handle more fun and interesting.

The games in the league and people very rich and comprehensive data, and provides a 34 pitch, 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams and more than 16,000 players. Presumably through this updated version of the game EA, players may transfer FIFA 15 Coins data to the player timely updates and amendments confidence.


Defensive pole

If the other players to form single-handedly, dribbling toward your goal, and before his body had no defensive player other than the goalkeeper, you need to assess the situation and keep the goal. To accomplish this goal, your best bet is to make your opponent nervous.
Because behind the other striker in the back of your defenders to chase, so you can not force him to make a decisive choice. How to do ? One way ( not a panacea ) is to allow the goalkeeper to attack this situation applies to direct the ball far away from Cheap FIFA 15 Coins the situation forward, its purpose is to let the other side think they difficult to control the ball.

And in most cases, we can let out a little from the goalkeeper ( not out too much ). Other striker will subconsciously think goalkeeper hub over, so he chose to immediately shot. Typically shot will be blocked, because the distance is not as goalkeeper attack so far he had imagined, still have enough time to display their fighting action.

Direct free kick outside the area
The team pulled a tall goalkeeper restricted line help defensively. The player ‘s goal line than the location and even a little bit back, so that enough space is given to the goalkeeper to make fighting action ( in reality, too ). Although the other offensive players will therefore move forward, do not worry because the offside issue, but the other person will feel the Fifa Coins XBOX  pressure free throws.

At this point you may replace kick the opponent players, re- organization of both stations. Then you need to manipulate the players move again – do not forget faster.

When the ball down in the box is blocked
The ball is the only clear solutions. When you put your opponent penalty area crammed with people, you are not fully grasp the situation, the best way is direct Feet siege, or vigorously played very far, either direct kick to the outside world. Send each other a corner is not unacceptable.

In these circumstances, we have to avoid frequent switching of players, while goalkeeper to keep the gates of death line position. Because the other defenders will automatically let the other striker caught offside, if the cursor is suddenly switched to one person, the offside trap will be destroyed.


EA FIFA 14 Update More Interactivew

EA’s FIFA 14 is produced by the famous football game “FIFA” series of new works, the game covers multiple platforms. Fifa Coins For Sale Which is also the “Live Football” competing action game, the series will see significant improvement in each generation, this generation is no exception, only in the most intuitive screen and improved in other areas have a large progress. This work has recently released the updated version of the new players and online players in the “line of the season” in the fierce competition.

According to reports, the Online Seasons mode, players can build a strong team to participate in the competition. With operations and extraordinary advance awareness to play online against other players, you can get gold, items and gifts after the victory.

The updated version can be said that the players really look forward to! If this together with small partners, like online play live! In addition to incorporating this functionality, this update is also related to the Cheap Fifa Coins operation of the game has been optimized, you hurry to the phone’s FIFA 14 update it!



FIFA Deliberately Delayed 14 Days Voting Time

With two rounds of the World Cup playoff alone into 4 balls outstanding performance, was not optimistic about C Ronaldo, Franck Ribery and Messi already beat at this year’s Golden Globe Award, winning odds betting company Buy FIFA 15 Coins become the Top standings of the top favorites. FIFA is the deadline for the Golden Globe Award vote delayed 14 days, and even allows you to change the ballot, making the C Luo With the recent heroics can increase the chance of winning.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy on admitted that he would like to see C Lo award. The Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is also a C Lo rally : “Do not give Ronaldo Golden Globe need a lot of courage, I hope he can win, because he deserves this honor..” According to Real Madrid and the Spanish national team captain Iker Casillas revealed that he took an early vote for the C Lo.

Golden Globe poll was originally scheduled to end on November 15, but FIFA decided to temporarily extend the deadline to November 29. European media analysts said the move Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini about the confrontation. 2015, FIFA President will officially general, taking into account the recent UEFA awards granted are not C Lo ‘s sake, so this deliberately to please Blatter C Luo, can be considered for next year’s re-election campaign ahead.

December 2, FIFA will announce the final three Cheap Fifa Coins candidates for the Golden Globes, and next year on January 13, the final result will be announced.




FIFA Ultimate Team Game Currency Using

Si usted no sabe a unirse a las monedas para construir un Fifa 15 Coins gran equipo , siga estos consejos para hacer monedas de FIFA 14 Ultimate Team . Cheapest Fifa 15 Coins,Cheap Fifa 15 Coins for sale,Buy bargain Fifa 15Coins,Comprar Fifa 15 Coins

El valor de los jugadores en el mercado cambia constantemente. Jugar en el mercado de transferencia es una gran manera de encontrar jugadores Cheap Fifa Coins infravalorados y ganando monedas vendiéndolos a un precio mayor . Al explorar el mercado se centran en los jugadores específicos y tener una idea de su precio medio . Esté atento a los jugadores que están infravaloradas y poner una oferta o elegir ahora para comprarlo.

Cuando usted ha encontrado un elemento que desee en el mercado de fichajes , se ve la escalate precio de la oferta en función de su demanda. Como el plazo de transferencia telares , no se sorprenda cuando las ofertas de último momento comienzan a aparecer . Si se hace una oferta de último segundo , el tiempo restante en la lista aumentará ,Fifa 14 Coins For Sale  dando a los postores otra oportunidad de ganar ese jugador.




acceleration before reaching their maximum

Not employed to FIFA 14 is Precision Movement, a central part that recreates the dynamic movement of real-world players. Precision Movement was created from new locomotion technology delivered to life with the FIFA team. Locomotion is fundamental to all aspects of gameplay, determining the best way players go forward the pitch.

In the past a couple of years, the FIFA team has become developing step-based locomotion technology that can enable players to move the Fifa Coins For Sale entrench probably the most realistic way possible. For this reason new technology the c’s has generated Precision Movement for several 22 players inside the pitch. Now, the whole lot counts as players pivot, plant, cut and shift momentum with true explosiveness and agility.

By recreating the biomechanics of real-world athletes, Precision Movement enables players to accelerate and decelerate dynamically, with momentum to become greater factor than before.

Players can show bursts of acceleration before reaching their maximum velocity, this also also wider spectrum of speed unlocks greater build-together with more attacking opportunities. As an example, attacking players can think of the opposition by controlling their pace before accelerating to buy past their defender.

Offering to reward of Precision Movement is when players decelerate or change direction. Previously, players could actually change directions easily, and were associated with turns within 23 degrees. In FIFA 14, sprinting players will carry momentum and might now can be found in any direction – but might need to take additional steps after they decelerate.

Through Precision Movement, everything a person takes brings about realistic foot planting that takes into account their speed, momentum in addition to Cheap Fifa 14 Coins the reorientation. This eliminates the unrealistic foot sliding that was held previous numerous creates players to push off the ground authentically.


some players are having other bootflow issues

Booting up FIFA 14 on Xbox One with two controllers connected might be allowing the game to crash on startup, in accordance with a post across the EA Sports support page .

Good post, “using two separate controllers, both assigned to user profiles, after which using controller two to navigate the bootflow when Cheap FIFA 15 Coins is loading may result in a mishap.” EA Sports currently is attempting to resolve this issue, but in the meantime players will start having a workaround: players should have no issue when working with only 1 controller to navigate FIFA 14′s bootflow. Once mainly menu, players can they initial a different controller.

Additionally, some players are having other bootflow issues. Suspending the console as you are around the title screen inside Xbox One bootflow prevents players from getting the capacity gain access to online features after unsuspending the console. Players are informed not to suspending the console if you are about the title screen.

With all the post, on a daily basis One Update is on how that could fix the controller bug and bootflow issues. Additional fixes will also be in the pipeline to take care of Co-op Seasons crashes and improve Kinect voice controls.

FIFA 14 launched today to the Xbox One. The adventure premiered for PlayStation 4 alongside the console on Nov. 15 as well as previous-generation Fifa Coins XBOX consoles in September.


We’ve all been upset regarding the way a movie game moved but this really is taking it to a new level. When i assume losing of what he deems ‘B.S.’ he goes ballistic. It amounts to him throwing his controller with the television.

We’ve seen people achieve this with Wii Buy FIFA 15 Coins controllers within the communicate accident, but he throws it right at his TV. Trying to is the fact gardeners could see a player celebrating a goal, I’m assuming it wasn’t his player, since camera pans to the cracked TV.

Obviously he could still understand the celebration so his rage continued and the man ran towards TV and began beating it along with hand. Then throws it on someone.

Many people are laughing, i actually’m assuming it could be his TV. What’s available for did that to my TV I wouldn’t be laughing.

Whatever think have to be commended here, might be that the cameraman didn’t go vertical while using the video. They kept it horizontal Cheap FIFA 15 Coins the entire time.


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil launches April 15. No Xbox One, PS4 or PC versions in development, but next-gen consoles will get a “choice of World Cup content and tournaments” within Ultimate Team.

The official 2014 FIFA World Cup game aren’t going to be intended for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, EA Sports confirmed on Twitter that Cheap FIFA 15 Coins on those platforms can have a “choice of World Cup content and tournaments” within FIFA Ultimate Team. More news shall be shared beeing the tournament approaches.

When questioned concerning the deficit of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, producer Matthew Prior told GameSpot that because of the international advantage of the action, they expect virtually all fans for being playing on current-gen systems. Emerging markets, including host nation Brazil, had prohibitively low next-gen adoption rates.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will feature an latest version within the Impact Engine utilised in the Xbox 360 console system and Ps3 versions of FIFA 14. Improvements to dribbling, increased accuracy en passant plus a more forgiving fist-touch mechanic are among improvements for that on-pitch action detailed to GameSpot by producer Matthew Prior. The action will even such as a host on the latest and returning modes including:

Road to the FIFA World Cup – Select 203 national teams and play through regional qualification, right around the planet Cup Final.
Story of Qualifying – Play via a many more than 60 real-world scenarios on the qualifying stages for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, each featuring unique commentary.

Nineteen international managers may have their likenesses amongst people, including Roy Hodgson, Joachim Low, and Luiz Felipe Scolari. Even subsequently sacked Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni look during Irish qualification matches.

English speaking players might also enjoy 50 plus hours of prerecorded radio chat for EA Sports Talk Radio. These radio shows, hosted by broadcasters Andy Goldstein and Ian Darke, or Michael Davies and Roger Bennett in men in Blazers fame, Fifa Coins For Sale can start to play inside the menus during various offline modes.


FUT Seasons
Take your team for the peak division by competing either online or offline and winning matches. Since you also progress on the bottom and generate the correct path for the peak, you’ll encounter tougher challenges that can require you to transform your squad. Winning tournaments will get you coins, items and even Packs.

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, FUT Seasons has grown to be extended to 10 seasons, and after this features historical Season stats.Buy FIFA 15 Coins A deep single-player offline Seasons experience is exclusively for sale in FUT.

Team of the Week
Every week, we assemble the very best players from international and club competitions around the globe. Determine if one of your clubs is really a useful you to definitely challenge the c’s hebdomadally.

Onine and Offline Tournaments
Enter online and offline tournaments to cope with other FIFA 14 Ultimate Teams and transform your squad.

Play an associate’s Squad
Need to see how your Ultimate Team Squad Cheap FIFA 15 Coins fares against among the friends, while there’re offline? It’s easy to.