Scott Porter explains the reason why everybody should want a buddy like Madden NFL 18 character Colt Cruise

David Porter portrays the dedicated, ambitious friend of guide character Devin Wade through his rise to the AMERICAN FOOTBAL.

The story mode called ‘Longshot’ is a new addition to APP Sports’ Madden franchise as well as Porter may be the perfect guy to play Cruise’s role.

Tenir starred on popular Tv program Friday Night Lights while Jason Street, a quarterback destined for the top ahead of being paralysed in a apprehension incident during his secondary school career.

But in ‘Longshot’ persona Cruise, Porter thinks he might have found his most realistic character yet.

He explained to SunSport: “I play typically the lead character’s best friend as well as has a real strong opinion in his best friend Devin Sort who you play seeing that.

“He wants you to gain everything you deserve, sometimes having tough live and other moments with encouragement – he / she keeps on driving you actually.

“There’s a real brotherhood between your two lead characters. They have always been in each other’s family. It’s a really great romance but a really relatable report.

“I talk a lot of junk – and so does Colt. A lot of the things Colt will in the game are more like myself than any other character I have played.

“There’s a looseness about Colt. He claims some wrong things on the wrong time and puts his or her foot in his mouth at times but we all do that.

“He’s not just comic relief, he has a stalwart friend and that i loved that aspect of the pup. He’s a pretty deep identity. ”

But while Porter considers many similarities between him or her self and Cruise, his position as Street in Monday Night Lights is still his / her favourite.

He said: “The responsibility I was granted to learn that character in a reasonable way to pay homage to the people kids who have had devastating spinal injuries, that’s anything I will never forget.

“Taking in that responsibility was a great honour and a real benefit.

“As much as I adore Colt I think Jason Avenue is going to have a place in our heart forever. ”

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