The Boss Galvek Guide

Two days ago, often the Dragon Slayer II is definitely released, what’s your advance? there are various bosses waiting for someone to defeating. Now we will provide guide on defeating one more boss Galvek in the old-school runescape, help you to complete often the quest quickly.

The Superior Galvek has a strong power. if you want to defeat him just isn’t so easy. The boss Galvek with Combat level 608, has 1200 hitpoints in addition to 4 phases with 500 hitpoints per phase. On top of that, he can use three sorts of combat. His extremely potent dragonfire can kill you actually. More importantly is he can establish pink dragonfire to deactivate all prayers on influence. So are you scared? Tend not to worry, here’s how to conquering the final boss Galvek.

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one you should stand next to railroad by Galvek, run eastern side and west to avoid “Jad” attacks. Never run to the south or you will activate bombs, which are always placed in the identical position and will automatically inflate after a while or if the Galvek is forced into the subsequent phase.

2 . The employer will fly to the western of boat and occasionally empty your stats, especially work energy (40%). You still must stay near the edge regarding boat and run north/south to avoid “Jad” attacks.

3. Galvek will go to eastern side side of boat and sometimes launch tsunami waves, you must run around to avoid the particular attacks. (Most difficult)

4. He will go to the middle in the boat and can freeze an individual with the power of earth. In order to avoid the attack, you’d far better run around Galvek clockwise or anticlockwise.

Try your current better and don’t be disasters. Good luck to your! is updating new quests and games almost everyday. You will never get bored.  We will do everything to make you relieved to Buy Runescape Gold from us. Are you looking forward to it? Do not waste your time and begin your RuneScape adventure now.


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